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 us New York Chinese Restaurant   las-vegas-nv-89147/new-york-chinese-restaurant 3545 S Fort Apache Rd suite # 110 Las Vegas NV 89147 702-255-1888  0 0  8E374D643BD348A3CCB82551E825042E 36.1249696 -115.2969386  0 0 1   /xslt/restaurant/index.xsl /xslt/restaurant/reviews.xsl /xslt/restaurant/videos.xsl /xslt/restaurant/photos.xsl /xslt/restaurant/map.xsl /xslt/restaurant/aboutus.xsl /xslt/restaurant/contactus.xsl   /xslt/home.xsl /xslt/menu.xsl /xslt/videos.xsl /xslt/photos.xsl /xslt/map.xsl    VISA MASTER NOCHECK                      As a new Yorkers, food is just ok, anyone who knows real Chinese food and says this place is great, obviously has not been to NY!! Also the nastiest S.O.B's I have ever encountered- HORRIBLE customer service!!! Awful.  Ordered to go as I have for several months.  To night there was a mistake.  Ordered and paid for a large item and received a small container.  I just called and was told by the "manager" Maggie that she felt it was plenty even as I explained I was in as early as last week and ordered the same exact meal and it was in a different sized container  She fought me on the subject.   Can't believe the experience.  After so many good ones I will NEVER Return.  Great service Maggie. I said I would hate to go elsewhere and she responded you are welcome to go elsewhere.   WOW If you want cheap take out Chinese food this is the place to go! They have the best Wonton soup here. The Wontons are pretty big. If you get the soup with a special it will typically come with two. I like that they have lunch and dinner specials.  The selections are okay but not impressive. The special comes with not only the soup but with fried rice and an egg roll. If you eat in they add little wonton crisps that you can snack on.The portions are a pretty big for the price! I had the Sesame Chicken special it tasted similar to sweet and sour chicken except they sprinkle sesame seeds on the top. I chose New York Chinese Restaurant because it was the closest Chinese Restaurant my gps pulled up at the time and man did I luck out because I absolutely love  this place! Its great food/service/portion size  all for a more than reasonable price! I constantly have my order delivered & have not once been unsatisfied with the service. Absolutely amazing food! It had been a long time since I had east coast Chinese food, and this place doesn't disappoint! Lunch specials are great as well with perfect portion sizes. Staff always seemed friendly too. Granted I never walked in with that east coast attitude, but hey. Can't go wrong here. Ordered NY chinese last week, and now again this week. this time with some friends who are always ordering chinese takeout. I figured i wanted to see their opinions.We called ahead and asked for the broccoli and beef (large).Beef and broccoli was good, nice amount of beef. they didnt skimp. It had a little too much sauce for my liking but everyone else loved it. I'm not a saucy person.The lemon chicken had such a light and fresh batter on it. It came on a huge bed of lettuce with fresh lemons. The lemon sauce was on the side and it was a ton! The chicken was very tender, not over cooked at all. I didnt like the lemon sauce, it was very sweet and thick so i skipped it.Orange chicken was same as last time. I'm still a sucker for the orange chicken at Panda Express but this is a nice second place. I liked that this time it had pieces of broccoli. Got to get those veggies in! Just shows that they arent consistant though.OOOH and we also ordered a side of the crab ragoons and they were so crispy and perfect. I was impressed with the amount of crab/creamy cheesy stuff on the inside.They told me it would be ready in less than 20 mins and when we went in 15 mins later it was ready to go! (and they were super busy too, so glad i called ahead!) Quick and fresh, cant complain!It was really cheap, less than 30 bucks for four people and we had left overs for the next day! The entrees were 8 bucks each and all came with steamed rice. Winner! Good Chinese food is ALWAYS a matter of opinion.  But overall, I liked this place.We ordered the family meal and substituted 2 different entrees and paid the difference for them.  The people that work there are very nice.  This is more of a fast food/casual chinese place.  It's very small, only 6 tables.  The portions are very large, the soup is great and very flavorful.  The fried rice is just ok though (I've had better)  They definitely don't cheat ya on shrimp or portion size or anything at all like that.  The food is very hot too, and they have good egg rolls.I tried their brewed green tea (it says unsweetened, but it was definitely sweet) however it was really good.I would definitely recommend this place for normal prices, good portion size and just simply very good chinese food.Don't forget, the people here are VERY nice. Being in Las Vegas I've learned that the standards have to be lowered because food out here is just not able to be compared to food back east. Finding good chinese food out here is just as hard as finding good pizza out here. The closest thing I've found to east coast Chinese food is this spot. Got BBQ spare ribs, and general tso's with the hot n sour soup. Soup was pretty good. Ribs had good flavor, but needed way more sauce. General Tso's was just ok. Nothing special. Four stars for friendly staff, quick service and simply because I am comparing them to the other Chinese food I've had in the area. If I want Chinese food, I'll probably be back. It's what you'd expect,  decent food at a decent price.  I got a smile from the lady working the front, so I can't say I had bad service,  in fact it was pretty good.I ordered the Singaporean chow main, sweet and sour pork and an order of egg rolls.  Portions are fairly large and I have enough for day old Chinese food tomorrow.  One thing I do like is that they put the sweet and sour sauce in a cup, separate from the pork so it stays nice and crispy.  When I'm back in Vegas, craving some fast chinese and up Spring Mnt. and Fort Apache I'll defiantly go back. I'd consider this average among chinese take-out places in Las Vegas. I've had better, and worse. I'm a big fan of General Tso's chicken and if I'm craving this dish there are a couple of other nearby places I'd rather go (namely Little Dumpling). Service here is fast and friendly. Have ordered from here many times...tonight they called to confirm we ordered something different on purpose and not by mistake...AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! been to the one on lake mead, decent food if u get it once in a while...not a place where u go all the time...their food has gone down hill simce they opened and they r the slowest chinese food place EVER New York Chinese Restaurant puts me in a New York State of Mind. It serves New York style Chinese food that is out of this world.My past visit to their Lake Mead Boulevard location left me with an exceptional first impression of New York Chinese Restaurant. When I write exceptional first impression, I am saying that it is my contemporary favorite Chinese restaurant in the Vegas valley. With that in mind, when I hiked in Red Rock Canyon this past Saturday, I planned it so that I would try their Fort Apache location on my drive back to Henderson.New York Chinese Restaurant blends into the Fort Apache landscape. Passing the southwest corner of Fort Apache at Spring Mountain, it is easy to pass New York Chinese Restaurant, which sits in a shopping center anchored by a Dollar Tree. Featuring only eight tables and a take-out environment, the restaurant itself is ordinary. Due to the fact that New York Chinese Restaurant appears to have a strong take-out business, I landed a table with ease.I ordered Chinese food that delivered me back to my fond memories of eating Chinese food in New York. Their chicken chow mien combination which included won ton soup, crunchy noodles, fried rice, and an egg roll was déjà vu to my taste buds. The fact that New York Chinese Restaurant includes won ton soup instead of the conventional egg drop soup made an impression on me. The New York style chow mien that they feature is a different entrée than the chow Mein served in Las Vegas Chinese restaurants.  This chow mien is vegetable instead of noodle based. Because I dislike celery, I specifically directed them to eliminate the celery. They listened and the chow mien was first-rate.Their cold beverages are Coke beverages. It works like this. If you order a cold beverage, they give you a disposable cup. Near the counter is the Coke machine. You serve yourself as often as you want.When you dine in, they will deliver your food to the table and clean up after you. I feel that this service deserves a dollar tip. Most of all I feel that Yelpers deserve a bigger tip: As of the time I write this review, New York Chinese Restaurant is a first-rate restaurant specializing in New York style Chinese food that will put you in a New York State of Mind. I have been able to swing by and pick up food at the last minute! They are very nice and clean!  Their combos r awesome and yummy! I think they deliver too. Lovely place with nice parking accommodation.  Thank you guys! Love it!  A great place for take-out.  I always order the mixed vegetable with shrimp -  it's my favorite dish.  You get 12 LARGE pieces of shrimp! For 9.95 and it's DEE-LISH!  I've also had the egg foo young and the BBQ pork and that's very good too!I'm a picky fried rice person, not too many places can impress me - it has to be just right - the shrimp fried rice is not the best but its still has great flavor. (i just like more veggies, pieces of shrimp and egg in mine)  I'm still giving them 5 stars anyway.  I love homemade authentic style food - you can see they work hard and prepare hard to get their food just right.  I like that you can order small and large, not all places do that and it gives you the opportunity to try a couple different things without spending too much.I walked in last night right when they were closing but they still took my order and had it out quick. Their super busy most of the time so call ahead if you can.  You  really can't beat the prices for the taste and the amount of food you get. I ordered the large NY style Chicken chow mein, fried wontons and egg rolls. Nice small place. Service was fine. Prices were good. Nice size portions and food was the best NY style chinese food I've had in Vegas for past 25 years. Egg rolls were large and stuffed with good fresh ingredients. Chicken chow mein was soo good...... everything tasted perfectly cooked and fresh.White rice was great I will be back over and over again to try their other dishes. I highly recommend you give this place a try Best Chinese in Vegas!.. Boneless Spare ribs and Wonton Soup.. Love it IMO this is the best chinese that I am use to. Love their lunch specials. I work down the road and for lunch at $5.25 you get a soup, crab rangoon, entree, and rice the portions are big so I usually have left over for the next day. Very upset it's been over an hour and a half waiting for 1 meal. Called twice and awful customer ser VERY disorganized restaurant. I ordered online for pick up, when I get there 30 minutes later m order wasn't even started! A guy looked at their tablet then started raising his voice to the other workers there in Chinese language, maybe about no body checked their email for orders. He didn't even apologize to me that my order wasn't ready he just told me to give him 2 minutes. 5 minutes later, I have my order ready in a bag, I have to get my own plastic forks & spoon for the soup. They don't even have any napkins available for you to grab, I have to ask for it. Very rude people or owners! First time in there. Was sent there by the resort I'm staying at very friendly ate in and they had o Normally very good food but tried Kung Pao Shrimp combination and only received 2 shrimps with a box Horrible. Rude employees. My general tso's chicken tastes like deep fried fish. I hate wasting food, I'm not pleased at all it took 2 hours for 3 things I order and on top of it called twice the food w So I ordered online last week. I always order from ft apache restaurant and it always decent, However my order took about 3 hours then when i finally called to see where my food was they had just started it. Yes i was frustrated but continued my order. Then when the food got here everything was way over cooked and dry and I mean my whole order. I spent 40 on the food and still tipped the driver 5... Overly disappointed  The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Bad attitude, hung up the phone twice on me and didn’t pick up after. Refused to refund me after a failed delivery attempt. Didn’t offer to redeliver and she couldn’t careless that I didn’t receive my food, let alone want to give me my money back! I waited an hour to not even receive my food is bullshit! You might want to change New York from your business name because there’s nothing New York about this damn place. You had an actual New Yorker order from you and let me just say I will never order from there again. You don’t deserve my money or my business! I’m surprised at how your still opened after how poorly you treat your customers! ZERO stars if you asked me!    <p>w.Steamaed Rice<br></p> (10:30 am-3:30 pm),Free Choice of Wonton, Egg Drop or Hot & Sour Soup and Steamed Rice, Pork Fried Rice or Brown Rice and Crab Rangoon)  (w. Crispy Noodle)  (Soft Noodle) (Thin Rice Noodle) or (Flat Rice Noodle) w. Steamed Rice & 4 Pancakes (w. Steamed Rice) (w. Steamed Rice) (w. Steamed Rice), (w. White rice & Crispy Noodle) (w. Steamed Rice) (w. Steamed Rice) (w. Steamed Rice) (w. Steamed Rice) (w. Steamed Rice) Served For Two or More Persons, Extra Charge For Any Dinner Substitution  (Serve with White Rice) (Served with Choice of Egg Flower Soup or Hot & Sour Soup or Wonton Soup, Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon and Pork fried Rice, Brown Rice or Steamed Rice) w. Pork Fried Rice or French Fries (w. Dipping Sauce and Steamed Rice) (White Sauce, Garlic Sauce or Brown Sauce)      6.25     6.75     6.95         6.95         6.95         6.95         6.95         6.95         6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               6.95               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               7.25               8.25     8.75     8.75     9.25     9.25     9.75    Includes- Egg Drop or Hot & Sour Soup, Egg Rolls (2), Crab Rangoon (2), Fried Shrimp (2) and Pork Fried Rice. Steamed Rice or Brown Rice<br> Two Full Entrees From The Following<br> Sweet & Sour Chicken<br> Kung Pao Chicken<br> Orange Chicken<br> Beef with Broccoli<br> Chicken Chop Suey<br> Pork Egg Foo Young<br> Moo Goo Gai Pan<br> Chicken Lo Mein<br> Sesame Chicken<br> Pepper Steak w. Onion<br> Sweet & Sour Pork<br> Beef w. Mixed Vegetable<br> Mongolian Beef 28.95                                 Included. Wonton Soup or Egg Drop Soup or Hot & Sour Soup, Egg Rolls (2), Crab Rangoon (2), Fried Shrimp (2), Combination Fred Rice or Steamed Rice <br>Two Full Entrees from The Following<br>Kung Pao Chicken<br>Chicken Broccoli<br>Shrimp Lobster Sauce<br>Cashew Chicken<br>General Tso's Chicken<br>Chicken w. Garlic Sauce<br>Shrimp Egg Foo Young<br>Sweet & Sour Shrimp<br>Shrimp w. Snow Pea<br>Shrimp Lo Mein<br>Szechuan Beef<br>Black Pepper Chicken 30.95                                1.00 1.95     1.75 3.00     1.00 2.99     2.99     9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   9.95                   10.25                   10.25                   10.25                   10.25                   10.25                   10.25                   9.95                   9.95                   8.25          8.25          9.75          10.75          10.75          2.95     4.95     4.95     6.25     7.50     6.95     6.95     6.75              7.50     11.95     2.75     5.25     6.75     6.75     5.25     5.25     5.75     5.25     5.25     5.25     7.95     7.95     7.95     4.50     7.25     7.25     7.25     8.25     8.25     8.50     8.75     8.25     8.25     8.25     8.75     8.75     9.25     9.75     7.95         8.25         8.25         8.75         8.75         8.95         9.25         8.95     9.25     8.75     9.75     9.75     10.25     10.25     8.75     8.75     8.75     8.75     8.75     8.75     8.75     8.75         9.25         9.25         9.75         9.75         9.75     9.75     10.75     10.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     9.95     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.25     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.55     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95     10.95    Beef Crab Meat Shrimp. White Meat Chicken. Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetable 12.95    Fresh Shrimp. Scallops, Crab Meat ,Squid Sauteed with Asssorted Chinese vegetable 12.95    Assorted Chinese Vegetable Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Roast Pork Sauteed with 11.75    Bamboo Shoots in Egg White Sauce Shrimp with Broccoli, Mushroom, Baby Corn and 11.75     11.75     11.95    Shrimp Wrapped w. Bacon , dipped in Egg and Pan Fried on Mix Veg w. Brown Sauce 12.50    Sliced White Meat Chicken Deep Fried on top with Fresh Lemon Sauce 10.75    Chicken Shrimp w. White Sauce and Hot & Spicy General Tso's 11.75     11.75    Crab Meat, Chicken, Shrimp, Roast Pork w. Mixed Vegetables in House Special Sauce w. Fried Crispy Wontons 11.95     11.75     10.25     11.25     10.75     11.75    6124923        Open 7 Days A Week<br/>
Mon.-Sat.:10:30am-10:00pm<br/>Sunday:11:00am-10:00pm                           <p>Welcome to New York Chinese Restaurant.</p>
<p>Located in the beautiful city of Vegas, our restaurant has been dedicated to offering the most memorable dining experience for you.</p>
<p>We pick ingredients carefully and use only the freshest and natural ones to prepare every dish, and have been trying to cook them in a healthier way to provide the most nutritious food. Much attention has been attached to ensure you a cozy and inviting ambiance where you could enjoy not only the great meal but also the authentic atmosphere.</p>
<p>The owner and all staff in New York Chinese Restaurant will greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a habitual patron or come for the first time. We have made painstaking efforts to create the tidiest and cleanest dining place, and guarantee you with friendly and timely service. All of your demands and feelings will be cared in our restaurant.</p>
<p>If you have any comment or suggestion, or want to get more specific information about us, feel free to contact us at 702-255-1888, or browse our website, we will be delight to hear from you any time!</p>
<p>Welcome to experience the best meals in our fairyland! </p>      0    15 15 15 11                          1 VISA MASTER NOCHECK 

Welcome to New York Chinese Restaurant!